Using only the highest quality materials, the PaintBook will redefine the way you paint as well as enhance your creative experience.

Weighing 4 pounds and slightly over 1 inch thick, the rugged yet elegant structure of the PaintBook is designed for a lifetime of use in the most extreme conditions, as well as in the comfort of your own studio.


Each PaintBook is hand crafted from premium plywood and available in a variety of wood finishes along with our original durable black and ochre painted finishes.


The PaintBook is made approximately the size of a 16” laptop making it a pleasure to work with in a coffee shop, park, any group setting or social environment. It is compact enough to carry anywhere, yet robust enough to handle medium sized canvases. Another benefit to the size, is that it allows the artist to choose from a plethora of laptop carrying cases and bags allowing for a more personalized setup. 

wooden paintbook.jpg

PaintBook Dimensions:

15.5" wide  /  10.5" long  /  1.25" thick  /  4 lb weight



Each Paintbook includes our custom, NASA grade, glass palette, which has been designed to withstand years of use as a mixing palette.

Fully removable for easy cleaning, it has been coated in a durable, neutral gray finish for easy color viewing. Different color palettes available upon request.

The 10"x15" surface area provides maximum surface area for your favorite colors while still remaining compact and discreet.

 Different palette colors available upon request

Different palette colors available upon request

  NOTE:    *Now lighter and more durable Glass Palette.


*Now lighter and more durable Glass Palette.





Our fully adjustable hinges allow for firm positioning up to 180 degrees, supporting repeated brush strokes.


Our QuickPanels provide a fast and stable painting surface.

QuickPanels are sealed with four coats of acid free white acrylic gesso to assure professional quality.

With our patented magnetic system, each QuickPanel can be placed on the lid of the PaintBook and held securely, reducing setup time to mere seconds, while holding up to the most vigorous brush application.

At only 1/8" thick, QuickPanels have been designed for easy storage during travel. Perfect with oil paints and acrylics, the ready-to-paint canvas-like texture gives artists all the advantages of painting on panel, but with the familiar feel of a fine linen or canvas. Providing a premium archival surface.



Canvas Slides

For those who enjoy working with their own panels, both PaintBooks have been uniquely designed with our patented slide system to hold all standard panels up to 22" wide.

Our slide system has been built with superior quality materials in order to provide strength and versatility when holding the panel. Because of the low-profile design, the panels are held discreetly at each side, allowing full coverage of paint on the canvas.

The three points of contact provide a stable painting surface.

Larger size Slides accommodating 30" wide panels are available as an accessory.

 *note: The optional larger Canvas Slides have been upgraded to slides with a more secure 2 teeth grip. The upgraded Canvas Slides will fit inside the PaintBook when lid is closed and slides are turned inward.

*note: The optional larger Canvas Slides have been upgraded to slides with a more secure 2 teeth grip. The upgraded Canvas Slides will fit inside the PaintBook when lid is closed and slides are turned inward.




Our one-of-a-kind table design is built to hold all types of brushes and other painting accessories.

Made specifically for the PaintBook, each table magnetically locks into place for speed and rigidity.

The surface has been coated with a highly durable paint to resist the harshest conditions.

Both tables fit easily into any carrying bag.

LED Light

The PaintBook LED Light is a dimmable, daylight balanced (5600°K) LED light designed to combine bright output with a compact, highly flexible form factor using 228 SMD (surface mounted device) LEDs. The PaintBook LED Light produces a 150W equivalent, 70° light beam while maintaining a slim, lightweight, and portable design. The light has a daylight-balanced 5600K color temperature and features a stepless dimmer that lets you adjust the light output from 100% down to 10%. This light runs on battery and comes with charger. Also included is a snap-on 3200K tungsten color filter and an amber diffuser.

The PaintBook LED Light, designed specifically for the PaintBook, is mounted to a flexible 19" goose neck for ease of positioning.

Tripod with QuickConnect Head

This Aluminum Tripod with Ball Headextends from 15.7" to a maximum height of 66.9". It weighs 4.9 lb and can hold up to 11 lb of gear. The tripod's 3-section legs have flip locks to individually change the height of each leg. The locks are tension-adjustable to help maintain a tight lock over the tripod's lifespan. Four leg angles allow you to position the tripod in a variety of ways. A rubber grip on one of the legs aids in carrying the tripod, and rubber feet keep it stable on slippery surfaces. Included with the tripod is a shoulder bag for added comfort and protection during transport.

The included 496RC2 Compact Ball Head is constructed of die-cast aluminum, has a single repositionable locking lever, ±90° tilt movement, plus a friction control for precise positioning. An RC2 quick-release plate allows for fast and easy PaintBook attachment.