Art by Anna Rose Bain |  a

Art by Anna Rose Bain |

Anna Rose Bain


Anna's Favorite EdgePro Products:

paintbook Easel with side trays

LED light

magnetic turp jar

the Sketchbook easel with side trays

LED light

turp jar

quick panels

"I've tried lots of different easels and pochade boxes, but hands down, the Edgepro Paintbook and Sketchbook are my favorites!  Both look sleek and professional, and fit easily in my backpack for painting on the go."


"I regularly use my Paintbook easel for teaching and portrait demonstrations, but it, too is lightweight and versatile enough for plein air. If I want to draw instead of paint, I can simply pop the glass palette out and use the easel to hold my charcoals and other drawing materials." 

Turp Jar

"I love all the Paintbook's accessories, especially the magnetic turp jar."


"The Quick Panels are so easy to use and they make setup a breeze. Even when I don't have a Quick Panel on hand, the magnetic sliders are just as convenient for accommodating my other panels and canvases of various sizes and depths.
It seems that Edge Pro Gear has thought of everything! Thank you for providing artists with a superior product!"
- Anna Rose Bain


"I take the Sketchbook easel with me when I fly or go on plein air hiking excursions. Weighing only 2 pounds, the Sketchbook affords plenty of space in my pack for my tripod, panels, paints and brushes, water and snacks."