For centuries, master artists would either hand-craft or hire specialty craftsmen to create their equipment to exact specifications which would give them the power to unleash their full creativity and change the world with their work.

In the early 20th century, however, greed in the art manufacturing industries resulted in the massive loss of quality in all artists materials which has now become an industry standard. Each major company worldwide now competes for the cheapest costs and materials and as a result, the artists now directly suffer and have no way to reach their creative potential.

  15 years ago, we set out to create the greatest portable painting easel on the planet. We believe the world, more than ever, needs great art, and great art requires a properly equipped artist and their equipment should be superior, effortless and inspire for a lifetime. 

We began our journey by collaborating with the top artists and designers around the world. From the beginning stages to the final packaging, no detail is overlooked. Each and every easel is hand-made in the United States by our small team of expert craftsmen and artists. The result is the most versitile and portable easel on the planet that we call, the PaintBook.

Our goal is to equip each and every artist with the best tools so that they can inspire and uplift the world with their work! 

Let us equip you with the right tools! 




Edge Pro Gear is dedicated to using the highest quality materials in the world. 

Using the best materials may not be the cheapest, but its the only way to have full power to create.

Highest quality ply-wood interior





Quality to the core

  • Every Paintbook and SketchBook is created using the highest quality ply-wood interior for a sturdy, yet lightweight structure. Learn more....

Durable outer coating

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 7.43.35 PM.png



durable for all environments

  • Every Paintbook and Sketchbook has been coated with the highest quality finish to protect the core from the elements you might be painting in. Learn more....