The Charcoal Sachet has been in development for over 10 years. After working with various artists we have come up with a unique custom fabric that works with the charcoal to both blend and release a specific amount onto the paper to create special textural effects while remaining durable for a lifetime of use.

Combining the blending qualities of a shammy as well as the dispersal properties of a pounce bag, the Charcoal Sachet rises to a new level of textural effects and produces large areas of value unmatched by any other drawing tool. 

The custom outer material is woven from a custom blend of threads for the highest level of use.  Both the inner weight and outer dimensions are precisely controlled by our craftsmen to be up to the standards of professional artists.   

Each Sachet is embroidered with the Edge logo and comes with a custom leather pouch for protection and storage. 

If art is more to you than a hobby, and you believe in using only the highest quality tools, then the Charcoal Sachet is made for you. 

Charcoal Sachet