Oil Painting Medium

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Oil Painting Medium

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At the turn of the century traditional art forms were squashed in favor of the modern art movement. Not only did we lose great art, we lost the truly great methods and mediums as well.

Against all odds, our small team of art historians has recently unearthed this highly coveted and sought after formula.

This exquisite elixir has also been updated with the most archival-grade ingredients, so your paintings will glow brilliantly for centuries to come.

Each and every bottle of The Prohibition Oil Medium is painstakingly prepared by hand using the purest ingredients of a special blend of the highest quality linseed stand oil and damar varnish, with our turpentine that's been triple purified to the highest medical grade quality. Making our unique formula the highest performance medium in the world.

Available in three sizes:

Studio Size - 750 ml - Glass bottle with round bottom, perfect for studio use.

Travel Size - 375 ml - Glass flask, perfect for travel.

Pocket Size - 100 ml - Glass flask, pocket perfect for on the go artists.

*Shipping Note — Due to manufacturer distribution restrictions, Prohibition Oil Medium cannot be shipped to addresses outside of the Continental USA.


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