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The SketchBook is the little brother to the PaintBook. Weighing only 2lbs and 10.5" wide, the SketchBook is great for the artist who loves to travel light.

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(Tables, Turp Jar, Medium Jar and Tripod sold separately)

(Tables, Turp Jar, Medium Jar and Tripod sold separately)

The QuickPanel Capable SketchBook is equipped with a 3 point slide system that will accommodate your own painting panels up to 16" wide as well as our one-of-a-kind QuickPanel gesso painting boards.

3 point slide system

3 point slide system

QuickPanel instant attachment

QuickPanel instant attachment

The magnetic QuickPanel system reduces set up and take down time. The QuickPanel magnetically attaches at the desired location instantly and securely on the PaintBook.

Designed for maximum strength and stability, the SketchBook is handcrafted from quality hardwood and painted in our weather resistant, durable black finish. 

PaintBook shown in Natural finish. SketchBook shown in Rugged Black finish.

PaintBook shown in Natural finish. SketchBook shown in Rugged Black finish.

The SketchBook is made approximately the size of a 11” laptop making it a pleasure to work with in a coffee shop, park, any group setting or social environment. It is compact enough to travel anywhere yet robust enough to handle an 16" sized panel. Another benefit to the size, is that it allows the artist to choose from a plethora of laptop carrying cases and bags allowing for a more personalized setup. 

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Sketchbook LED LIGHT

(optional accessory)

The SketchBook and PaintBook are the first portable easels to seamlessly hold a LED light system that illuminates the canvas with bright, daylight balanced light so that any setting is paintable.

Painting will no longer be limited to well-lit areas. With our LED Light accessory, the artist can create in any light conditions.

This light provides clean daylight color for the highest accuracy in color viewing.

The SketchBook LED Light is small in size, yet surprisingly powerful, the SketchBook LED Light uses 36 daylight-balanced LEDs to provide the equivalent output of a 40-watt bulb producing light with a daylight balanced color temperature of 5600K. Powered by only three AAA batteries, the unit will run for up to 2 hours per battery set (one set of 3 batteries included).

The SketchBook LED Light, is designed specifically for the SketchBook and mounted to a flexible 12" goose neck to eliminate glare or falloff with ease of positioning.

The SketchBook comes with a removable Glass Palette. Glass is the number one material preferred by professional artists for palettes due to its smooth mixing surface and the ability for easy cleanup.

A cavity is designed into the lid of the SketchBook to allow paint to stay on the palette even when the SketchBook is closed. The palette is made removable for easy cleaning and comes in a neutral grey color. (different color palette available upon request).


Our one-of-a-kind table design is built to hold all types of brushes and other painting accessories.

Made specifically for the SketchBook, each table magnetically locks into place for speed and rigidity.

The surface has been coated with a highly durable paint to resist the harshest conditions.

Both tables fit easily into any carrying bag.


This all-metal tripod has strength combined with compact size and lightweight to travel with ease. The full size tripod with 3-way panhead and quick release shoe for easy mounting and removal of the SketchBook


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  • 10-1/2" wide

  • 7-1/4" long

  • 1-1/4" thick

  • 2 lb weight


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