PassPort - Mid-Size Easel


PassPort - Mid-Size Easel

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Mid Size Easel - (9" x 13.5”) The PassPort is handcrafted in the U.S.A. Each Stained PassPort finish is unique per order. No two PassPort are alike.

PaintBook LED Light works with this model.

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*Custom finishes are available upon email request ( an up-charge may apply.

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Order includes:

  • 1 PassPort

  • 1 Set of Side Tables

  • 1 Glass Palette

  • 1 QuickPanel Gesso primed 9x12"

  • 1 QuickPanel Adhesive 8x10"

  • 1 Set of Panel Slides

  • 1 Glass Palette Scraper

  • 2 Travel Bands

The QuickPanel Capable PassPort is equipped with our 3 point slide system, in addition to accommodating our one-of-a-kind QuickPanel gesso boards and QuickPanel Adhesives with added magnetic strength.

The magnetic QuickPanel system reduces set up and take down time. The metal backed QuickPanel magnetically attaches at the desired location instantly and securely on the PassPort lid. The metal backed QuickPanel Adhesive attaches to your painting panel, giving it instant attachment to the PassPort lid.

The magnetic slide system built into each PassPort holds your own painting panel at three different contact points to insure your panel stays in place. Equipped to hold any painting panel up to 18" wide with a secure, discrete, and stable placement in seconds. Canvas Slides that accommodate 20" wide stretched canvas are available as an accessory.

The PassPort easel, weighs only 3 lbs. and is available in a variety of wood grain finishes along with the original durable painted black color. Handcrafted from hardwood and redesigned for maximum strength and stability.


The PassPort seamlessly fits the same LED light system that fits the PaintBook - it illuminates the canvas with bright, daylight balanced light so that any setting is paintable.

Each PassPort comes with a removable NASA grade Glass Palette. Glass is the number one material preferred by professional artists for palettes due to its smooth mixing surface and the ability for easy cleanup.

A large cavity is designed into the lid of the PassPort to allow paint to stay on the palette even when the PassPort is closed. The palettes are made removable for easy cleaning and comes in a neutral grey color. (Any color palette available upon request).

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