Our NEW mid-size easel.

Weighing 3 pounds and slightly over 1 inch thick, the rugged yet elegant structure of the PassPort is designed for a lifetime of use in the most extreme conditions, as well as in the comfort of your own studio.


Each PassPort is hand crafted from premium plywood and available in a variety of wood finishes along with our original durable black painted finish.


PassPort Specifications:

12.5" W / 8" L / 1.25" / 3lbs

Order includes:

-1 PassPort
-1 Set of Side Tables
- 1 Glass Palette
- 1 QuickPanel Gesso primed 9x12"
- 1 QuickPanel Adhesive 8x10"
- 1 Set of Panel Slides
- 1 Glass Palette Scraper
- 2 Travel Bands

Michelle Dunawy  using her custom PassPort at the Grand Teton National Park

Michelle Dunawy using her custom PassPort at the Grand Teton National Park

Panel & Canvas Slides

For those who enjoy working with their own panels, the PassPort has been uniquely designed with our patented slide system to hold all standard panels up to 18" wide.

Our slide system has been built with superior quality materials in order to provide strength and versatility when holding the panel. Because of the low-profile design, the panels are held discreetly at each side, allowing full coverage of paint on the canvas.

The three points of contact provide a stable painting surface.

Canvas Slides accommodating up to 20" wide canvases are available as an accessory.

canvas slides2.jpg


LED Light

The PassPort seamlessly holds the PaintBook LED Light. A dimmable, daylight balanced (5600°K) LED light designed to combine bright output with a compact, highly flexible form factor using 228 SMD (surface mounted device) LEDs. The LED Light produces a 150W equivalent, 70° light beam while maintaining a slim, lightweight, and portable design. The light has a daylight-balanced 5600K color temperature and features a stepless dimmer that lets you adjust the light output from 100% down to 10%. This light runs on battery and comes with charger. Also included is a snap-on 3200K tungsten color filter and an amber diffuser.

The PaintBook LED Light, designed specifically for the PaintBook and PassPort, is mounted to a flexible 19" goose neck for ease of positioning.

PassPort Tripod4.jpg

PassPort Tripod
with QuickConnect Head

Compact, light and portable, the PassPort tripod is the ideal travel companion.

A high quality tripod that fits into carry-on luggage and backpacks; it’s a dream come true for any artist on the go. Thanks to the unique folding mechanism the legs fold perfectly around the head and quick release plate attachment. In the closed position it is only 15.8" long.

Its small size and portability don’t mean compromise on sturdiness and image quality. The PassPort tripod delivers stability while locked in the desired position. Its new aluminum ball head is solid, quick and simple to operate. The PassPort tripod has a maximum payload of 8.8lb, guaranteeing stability and sturdiness even with easel accessories.

The ball head has a large ergonomic locking handle and a quick release with an included QR plate that has a 1/4"-20 mounting screw and a durable carrying case for storage and transport.

The Quick Release Adapter design enables the legs to fold tightly together, making it even more compact, quick and easily accessible.

Always comfortable and easy to carry round with its own padded carrying bag. The extra padding makes it easy to pack in your luggage while protecting it from any accidental damage.

The angle selectors allow you to quickly select between 2 different angles for maximum versatility.

Aluminum leg locks with adjustable tension ensure long term performance.
Rubber leg warmers deliver a firm grip.