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Our QuickPanels are specifically designed to magnetically attach to the PaintBook for a quick and easy set up. Each QuickPanel is hand sealed with five coats of acid free white acrylic gesso with a canvas like textured surface. A professional quality grade painting surface.

*All QuickPanels sold in packs of two

5x7" - $4.50 each panel  
8x10" - $8.00 each panel
9x12" - $9.50 each panel
11x14"- $14.00 each panel            
12x16" - $20.00 each panel
14x18" - $25.20 each panel              
16x20" - $32.00 each panel

*Custom sizes are available upon request at $0.10 per square inch.
  (All QuickPanels are sold in packs of two)

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