SketchBook Easel

Each SketchBook is hand crafted from high quality premium plywood.

The Paintbook is the first portable easel to seamlessly hold an LED light system that illuminates the canvas with bright, daylight balanced light so that any setting is paintable.

The magnetic system built into each PaintBook is another innovation that sets the PaintBook apart from other easels. We've reduced set up and take down time to just minutes. There are no tightening of nuts or screws when setting your painting panel in place. It is simple, secure and stable. Using your own painting canvas or panel in any thickness up to 20" wide with a secure, discrete, and stable placement in seconds. Our slide system holds your panels at three different points so you can trust that your panel will stay in place. The PaintBook comes equipped with two sets of Slides, Panel Slides and a set of Stretched Canvas Slides.

Each PaintBook comes with a removable Glass Palette. Our new Glass Palette is durable, lightweight and easy to clean. Designed to stay inside the PaintBook at any painting position desired with a full 9 1/2" x 14 1/2" surface area. Providing a maximum area for your favorite colors while still remaining compact and discreet. A large cavity is designed into the lid of the PaintBook to allow paint to stay on the palette even when the PaintBook is closed. The Glass Palette comes in a neutral grey color, various colors or clear Glass Palettes are available upon request.  Glass is the number one material preferred by professional artist for palettes.

The PaintBook is made approximately the size of a 15” laptop making it a pleasure to work with in a coffee shop, park, any group setting or social environment. It is compact enough to carry anywhere yet robust enough to handle medium sized canvases. Another benefit to the size, is that it allows the artist to choose from a plethora of laptop carrying cases and bags allowing for a more personalized setup. 

PaintBook Dimensions:

  • 15" wide
  • 10" long
  • 1-1/4" thick
  • 3 lb weight

*Because each PaintBook is handcrafted, slight variations may occur in color and texture.