Art by Casey Baugh |

Art by Casey Baugh |

Casey Baugh


Casey's Favorite EdgePro Products:



Side Tables

Charcoal Sachet

LED lights

Prohibition Oil Painting Medium

Medium Jar

Tripod Brush Holder



"The PaintBook is, by far, my favorite piece of painting equipment. With it, I've noticed that I not only paint more often because of it's easy set up, I am also able to paint in basically any lighting condition. The design and quality in which it is built blows every other setup away and is well worth every penny. In the end, you get what you pay for and if you're serious about painting, this is a must have for the painting arsenal."

-Casey Baugh

casey baugh painting 7.jpg

Charcoal sachet

My secret weapon for charcoals, The Charcoal Sachét, made by EdgePro Gear helps with the subtle tones and textures.
— Casey Baugh

Watch Casey use the Charcoal Sachet